are you suggesting that coconuts migrate?


My (in fact not so) little sister and I are really into memorizing parts of this film and performing them in our most old-fashioned and posh British accent. I wouldn't be exagerating at all if I said that we've seen Monty Python and the Holy Grail at least 5 times now. And it doesn't look like stopping here, I'm afraid.


oh summertime

I beg young people to travel. If you don't have a passport, get one. Take a summer, get a backpack and go to Delhi, go to Saigon, go to Bangkok, go to Kenya. Have your mind blown, eat interesting food, dig some interesting people, have an adventure, be careful. Come back and you're going to see your country differently, your president differently, no matter who it is. Music, culture, food, water. Your showers will become shorter. You're going to get a sense of what globalization looks like. It's not what Tom Friedman writes about, I'm sorry. You're going to see that global climate change is very real. And that for some people, their day consists of walking 12 miles for four buckets of water. And so there are lessons that you can't get out of a book that are waiting for you at the other end of that flight. A lot of people - Americans and Europeand - come back and go, "ohhhhh". And the lightbulb goes on.

Henry Robins


Faye Dunaway

Just a little bit of inspiration for the summer, from the film Bonnie and Clyde (1967)


Friday I'm in love

Sex appeal is something that you feel deep inside. It's suggested rather than shown. I'm not as well-stacked as Sophia Loren or Gina Lollobrigida, but there is more to sex appeal than just measurements. I don't need a bedroom to prove my womanliness. I can convey just as much sex appeal picking appels off a tree or standing in the rain.

Audrey Hepburn


crafted headphones DIY

I found this DIY the other day browsing Pinterest (emmabovary if you'd like to follow) and I couldn't wait to try, so I just gave up on packing up for my upcoming trip to Mallorca with the girls and got started with it. Once you've adquired some basic friendship bracelet-making skills, it comes really simple, although I have to say that it took me up way much more string and time than I had expected. Anyway, if you are still unsure about the how-to or want to check some more ideas, there ir a great tutorial courtesy of Refinery29 here. I think one of the best parts of this DIY, apart from its evident cuteness, is that headphones don't ever get tangled again. Yihaa!. One last suggestion: think of how cool it would look if you could find some gradient colour yarn.


built on rock over-looking the sea

"You know the great thing, though, is that change can be so constant you don't even feel the difference until there is one. It can be so slow that you don't even notice that your life is better or worse, until it is. Or it can just blow you away, make you something different in an instant. It happened to me."

"I always thought of myself as a house. I was always what I lived in. It didn't need to be big. It didn't even need to be beautiful. It just needed to be mine. I became what I was meant to be. I built myself a life. I built myself a house."

Life as a house (2001)


(image and how-to by Globetrotter Diaries here)

I have the feeling that drinking is a form of suicide 
where you are allowed to return to life 
and begin all over the next day. 
It's like killing yourself, and then you're reborn.
Charles Bukowski