Words by Everynone

Today's video is made by Everynone, a group of interesting people who make "videos about everyone", as they concisely explain on their Facebook page
After absorbedly watching some of their other videos such as Symmetry (about related realities and concepts) and Losers (about Bullying at schools), this one caught my eye in a very special way. I've been thinking for a quite long while about the reason why I'm so amazed by a video of which it is so hard to tell what it is about, and my conclution is that it somehow satisfies my search for something that puts forward the idea that everything is interconnected, and that we all are part of the same thing. Abstract enough, yeah?


We danced too wild, 
and we sang too long, 
and we hugged too hard, 
and we kissed too sweet, 
and we howled just as loud as we wanted to howl, 
because by now we were all old enough to know that what looks crazy on an ordinary day looks a lot like love if you catch it in the moonlight.

Pearl Cleage


to tie the knot

Real dream dress from Pronovias 2013 collection OH MY GOD.
(Photos by Carolina Engman from Fashion Squad)


so stay here

Blue jeans,
white shirt

walked into the room, you know you made my eyes burn
It was like, James Dean, for sure
you so fresh to death and sick as ca-cancer
you were sorta punk rock, I grew up on hip hop
but you fit me better than my favourite sweater, and I know

that love is mean, and love hurts
but I still remember that day we met in december, oh baby!

I will love you till the end of time
I would wait a milion years
promise you'll remember that you're mine


I guess I just got lucky. Uhm, we met in elementary school, in seventh grade we had the same class schedule and, uh, we just clicked, you know?... I think technically the "girl of my dreams" would probably have, like, a really bodacious rack, you know. Maybe different hair. Probably...you know, she'd probably be a little more into sports. But um, truthfully: Robyn's... Robyn's better than the girl of my dreams: she's real.

Really, I don't think I'll ever get tired of quoting 500 Days of Summer, oh no.


good girl gone bad

Photos from style.com, collages by me.

These pics are from the Chanel Resort collection 2013. The outfits are not exactly my style, but one little detail about them is what caught my eye: Chanel, the exclusive couture house synonym of elegance and distinction, is wearing nothing but brothel creepers. And yes, by creepers I mean those same shoes that urban tribes such as punks, skas, gothicks or greasers have been wearing since the 50s and 60s, and that are having their moment of glory right now on streetstyle sites such as Lookbook.nu

This facts reminds me of one thing my mother always says and that until the moment I saw these photos never really made any sense to me, and it is that fashion works this way: great designers get the trends from real people and the high street and adapt them to their collections, not the other way round. You see, mothers are always right.


I love you as certain dark things are to be loved, 
in secret, between the shadow and the soul.
Pablo Neruda


DIY neon necklace

So the other day I randomly discovered that perfection does exist, and that it has necklace shape.

 These beauties have been created by the always great Tom Binns (whose web page is this one) and are worth between 750$ and 2000$. However, if your golden visa is not working properly today, or the butler has left to hand-wash the Rolls so you can't make it to the nearest luxury store, then I have good news for you: the internet is full of intelligent and creative people who have made incredibly good-looking DIYs, so go take your Bvlgari diamond necklace (or buy a really cheap one on Primark, as I will) and get down to work!
P.D.: as I'm seeing on the internet, it works both if you use nail polish or spray paint, but they always recommend to apply a layer of white paint in the first place.


oh summertime

It happens all the time:
curiosities become obsessions, 
outings become overnighters,
passtimes become passions. 
This is how journeys begin.



Have you ever loved someone and then something happens 
and you wonder if, perhaps, you didn't even know him at all?