in the new year

To Do list for this 2012:
- start reading (and finish!) War and peace by Tolstoi
- exercise 2 times a week
- finally start learning how to use the sewing machine my grandma gave to me
- study a little bit more
- pass my Advanced English exam
- survive the end of the world
- renew the music of my iPod (it's been ages!)
- get a haircut
- enter Law school on September
- turn 18
- learn how to make iced tea myself
- cut down on saccharin
- not pay attention to what others but the ones I love think of me
- work out a British accent
- ask my boss for a rise (yeah, I do have a job)
- listen to each and every one of The Beatles songs at least once
- see an unicorn
- make the best of every moment
- save up some money
- improve my French

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