Back to old habits


- Cap, are you... waiting?
- I told you it was an accidental boob-graspe
- well, you're bouncing from girl to girl, you haven't found that special someome... I wanna help.
- I'm not talking to you 'bout this stuff, okay?
- why not talking about it? we can be friends.
- can we?
- why, because you still have feelings for me?
- and you still have feelings for me.
- I was just curious!
- fine! so let's just be friends, go upstairs and study.
- no.
- why? you trust me, right?
- It's just not...
- ... apropiate? because you don't trust yourself. 
- that's not true!
- you want me to have that "special someone" because then, you won't have a choice.
- I'm... I'm with Max. I mean... he's perfect. he loves me, and I love him... you know? he gave up a Grade School for me. why can't you find someone else who's perfect for you?
- because no other girl in the world compares to you.
- oh, yeah?
- kinda hard to believe, right?!
- look, it's... late, we're both tired... let's just call at...
- a few hours of sleep, is it gonna change anything?
- It's old habits!
- old habits? like having a great time together? knowing each other better than we know ourselves? what does that tell you?
- well I guess that tells me that we can't be friends. 
- fine, then I guess you're right. I do need to move on. I'll see you round, Case.
- I just wanna do what's right!
- we can't be friends. that's what you're saying and I'm agreeing with you.
- then why are we shouting?
- you started the shouting!
- I just want...
- not to waste my time? I get it. well, you're wasting my time now.
- wait... what are we saying?
- you said it all...

Greek, season  2, episode  19.

I love this show so much... too bad it ended last year. I guess I can always keep on re-watching it onlinOH WAIT! don't tell me Megaupload was cancelled because of SOPA. Oh gosh, what will be of me now?

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