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Today I'm talking about ABC's Greek character Katherine. If, like me, you're a total freak of the show and you've seen the four seasons at least twice by now, you should have provably noticed this minor personage that, in my oppinion, has a lot to teach to everyone of us. And if you've never heard of the show or you did but don't like it, you're extremely likely not to understand what is going on in the next few lines. If so, I'm really really sorry for you, as you're missing one of the best teen series that has been broadcasted in the last two thousand years.

"Hi! my name is Katherine Parker, I'm former Panhellenic president of Gamma Psi Alpha. This house is specially important to me because this is where I lost my virginity. I know! it was like... two months ago! (awkward silence) So... how many of you guys lost your virginity at this house?"

As president of her sorority, chair of the panhellenic committee and always the best marks in the class, she likes to have absolutely everything under control. She's spent the last 19 years of her life caring about the future and being a responsible good girl, but now it's last year in college and she starts thinking that there's a great part of University life that she's been missing. So, with the determination and strict organization that characerizes her, she plans to do all the things the rest of the people have been doing during their three-year degree, but all in a rush. I'll never ever forget how she scheduled a time to lose her virginity to Rusty, and even came with a folder full of condoms for him to choose from. OR when she tried to seduce him only in a man's white shirt, saying she did "research" about what men found erothic. Wow.

I find this kind of attitude rather heart-touching, provably because there's a big part of Katherine into me. In fact, I'm sure every single one of us have a smaller or bigger piece of her in ourselves. It's her courage and determination to face the problems, and the fact that she isn't scared of accepting her limitations and doesn't let them make her feel less than others what I think has striked me the most. A huge applause to her.

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