crazy dyed hair

I have to admit I'm really into bright-colour dyed hair, although I don't know exactly why. I mean, there are many reasons why I souldn't do so, such as:

a) I live in a small and very conservative city, so I gess if I dyed my hair the colours that I have in mind right now (twitter blue, bubblegum pink, mint green and so on) small children would provably start crying when they see me and old ladies would have their sensibility unavoidably damaged.
b) I consider myself a bit of a maniac when it comes to colour-shade mixing, so I gess I'd be likely to get mad when the blue on my shirt didn't suit the pink on my hair.
c) If I did so, mum would disinherit me immediately, and then I would have to look for a bridge to live under, and I'd make my living playing the guitar on the streets and it's very cold in winter out there and and... that's mainly why I think it's not a good idea.

Anyway, those well-constructed and fair reasons don't prevent me at all from sometimes feeling like booking a cheap flight to London and having my hair decoloured and dyed until it gets burned off. But then I think of my mum's eyes looking at my blue or green or yellow nails in disgust while we're having supper, and you know, I... I really like my bed.

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