Sleep through the static


Musically speaking, I can say that Jack Johnson is the love of my life.
I think it was by 2008 when I first heard about him. I was watching TV mith my dad when this video came through, and after about 15 seconds listening in silence, we looked at each other like "yeah, he's got it". And he really does. Up to the point that I haven't met anyone who doesn't like his songs yet. Even my grandma who is not vey into modern music, after a lunch with Jack as a background, asked with curiosity "and who is this boy?". And my grandma doesn't speak  any English. But I gess it is not necessary to understand the lyrics to get what he's saying. His is a message of calm and optimism against a world where stress, worries and bad manners are regular payment. So I suggest you close your eyes and listen carefully, have a deep breath and imagine some palm trees, white sand and whatever makes you chill. We aren't here to last, so take it easy.

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