DIY neon necklace

So the other day I randomly discovered that perfection does exist, and that it has necklace shape.

 These beauties have been created by the always great Tom Binns (whose web page is this one) and are worth between 750$ and 2000$. However, if your golden visa is not working properly today, or the butler has left to hand-wash the Rolls so you can't make it to the nearest luxury store, then I have good news for you: the internet is full of intelligent and creative people who have made incredibly good-looking DIYs, so go take your Bvlgari diamond necklace (or buy a really cheap one on Primark, as I will) and get down to work!
P.D.: as I'm seeing on the internet, it works both if you use nail polish or spray paint, but they always recommend to apply a layer of white paint in the first place.

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