Glow-in-the-dark nail polish DIY

What a great idea, right?! okay but slow it down a little bit, yes... I've been looking for a good tutorial of this for like forever, but all I found was a couple of vague indications like: "get a glow-in-the-dark stick like those they hand in the clubs, then break it and mix the liquid with clear nail polish". Maybe just me, but I feel like the sentence was ended by an implicit "Duh, you jerk...". Anyway, my intuition tells me that a layer of white polish should be applied in order to brighten it up and give some flesh to the colour. 
Oh, and can you even imagine trying to sleep with this on? dude, can't wait to try it!


  1. I tried it and it takes FOREVER to dry. If you do try it, be careful of the glass shards when you cut open the glow stick.

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    1. UHMMMM not a big deal lol lol xD she is not gonna remove it btw lol

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    3. As a matter of fact, it IS a big deal and you know why? Because I worked hard in order to get my blog to the point where it is now and while me and many other bloggers bother creating original content, others even get paid with stolen content!

  3. I also tried it and it looked like wax on my hand didn't work AT ALL don't try

  4. bad idea !!!
    glow sticks contain most toxic substances!
    plain stupid 2 put them on the nails.
    Might as well buy glow in the dark paint at any craft store, and apply it on the nails (directly without mixing)
    After that you can apply a thin layer of clear polish.